best MBA online degree programs

Best MBA Online Degree Programs in The World

Best MBA Online Degree Programs in The World

best MBA online degree programs An MBA degree is prestigious as it is accepted worldwide. With more and more Universities including MBA courses in their curriculum, many students are opting for this valuable course. There are several types of MBA you can choose any one depending on your criteria. Lots of careers benefit from various types of MBA courses as it helps them gain additional knowledge and obtain a better pay package. It was reported that over 90% of MBA graduates are fully employed and offered better salaries. For students or professionals considering an MBA course, the first thing to do is choose a type. Master in Business Administration offers various areas of specialization like Management, Finances, Operations, Hotel Management, Public Relations, Human Resources, Information, and Technology. Most top business schools have very similar fee structures. They do provide different amounts of scholarships but the rest is pretty much the same. If you go to Harvard, you will be able to get a scholarship and other help that will help you pay almost nothing during your education. Here is the list of best MBA online degree programs and universities in the world.

According to the Business Insider and other surveys, the below-listed universities/business schools were ranked by considering the following indicators.

Here are the five indicators considered to give rankings in the world:-

  1. Reputation (35%)
  2. Average starting salary after graduation (25)
  3. Job placement (10%)
  4. Tuition and fees (15%)
  5. Average GMAT score (15%)

Top Business Schools in the US & Canada

Top Business Schools in the United Kingdom(UK)

Top Business Schools in Spain

Top business schools in Germany, France & Netherlands 

Top business schools in Italy, Sweden, and Denmark 

Here You Can Also Find the Best Online University in Pakistan For MBA Programs:-

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